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SMASHED: Wilmington hits 101° to obliterate old record

Four the third time in four days Wilmington saw a record high temperature. And for the second time in that span the mercury crossed the century mark.

Wilmington sets record high for second day in a row, more records could fall...

Breaking records is starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to the heat the last couple of days, and more records could be on the way.
Record heat 2016

Scientists: 2016 had record heat, expensive disasters

The U.S. also notched its second highest number of costly weather disasters: 15 separate ones together caused $46 billion in damage and 138 deaths.

Finding a cool place in record heat

Record heat in southeastern North Carolina today sent folks looking for a way to cool off. It was balmy and downright miserable outside Tuesday. From the water park at Jungle Rapids to ice skating at the Icehouse folks found all kinds of ways to keep themselves cool!

STORMTRACK 3: High temperatures blaze through records

Wilmington hit 101 degrees Saturday, breaking the old record for the day and making 2011 one of the hottest years on record.

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