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H2Go holds special meeting, pro-RO commissioners absent

H2Go commissioners met again this week in a special meeting.
Brunswick County Seal

After Brunswick Co. fires back, Belville clarifies statement on GenX

Brunswick County is firing back against the Town of Belville, saying a statement they released is 'inaccurate and sensationalistic.'

Leland plans to fight H2Go transfer to Belville

After the big surprise at last night's H2Go meeting, this morning the Town of Leland held an emergency closed door meeting to figure out what to do.

Anti-RO majority prevails if H2Go vote holds in tight election

It was a long and bitter battle, and it might not be over yet. But if the results of the election for H2Go Board of Directors hold, millions of dollars could be down the drain in northern Brunswick County.
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Future of reverse osmosis plant in the air; millions down the well?

As it stands now, Bill Beer will join Trudy Trombley and Jeff Gerken, the other two H2GO board of commissioners who opposed the reverse osmosis plant.

Millions at stake in H2GO vote

Election day is less than a week away and one of the hottest races is in Northern Brunswick County. The reason, H2GO's Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant. The plant hasĀ been a controversial debate for years.

‘Patently false’, controversial campaign flier called out by county government, candidate reacts

The campaign flier for H2GO candidates Carl Antos, Ron Jenkins and Rodney McCoy is being called patently false.

Reverse osmosis supporters continue to raise awareness for H2GO plant

A H2Go meeting held Tuesday night in Leland allowed supporters to voice why building the new plant would be good for the area.

Onslow Co. provider says water safe from GenX

While much of southeastern North Carolina worries about the safety of its drinking water, some neighbors have little to worry about, according to their water provider.

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