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Monday, May 10, 2021
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11 days later, suspect still on the loose

The Brunswick County District Attorney's Office promised a victim her alleged attacker would be arrested the same day he was indicted. Eleven days later, the Sheriff's Office has had no luck finding him.

ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Deputies can’t find man charged with strangling woman after ADA lets him out of jail

video Last week, Brunswick County Assistant District Attorney Erin Holden dismissed strangling charges against Gary Ray Jones during a probable cause hearing. A woman told police she met Jones on the beach a few days earlier and that later he tried to strangle her.

ONLY ON 3: Jurors say prosecutor was unprepared in court

video The Brunswick County District Attorney's office has been on our radar for the past few weeks, and in particular assistant DA Erin Holden. Holden's courtroom slip-ups have allowed convicted DWI offenders to walk away scot free. Tonight, in a story you'll see ONLY ON 3, even jurors wonder why Holden has been unprepared in court.

ONLY ON 3: Did Assistant District Attorney mess up another DWI case in Brunswick County?

video Remember the story we told you about a few weeks back, about the Oak Island Fire Chief who's DWI appeal got thrown out of court because the Assistant District Attorney handling the case wasn't prepared? We've learned that that ADA most likely messed up another DWI charge this week.

ONLY ON 3: Trooper says he was never called for Chief House’s appeal hearing

Brunswick County District Attorney Rex Gore said the Assistant DA had what he calls a "mix-up" and subpoenaed the wrong trooper. First Sgt. A.E. Morris was the correct trooper, but he says he was never contacted by the DA's office at any point about House's DWI charge.

The Rant: A lesson in journalism

You've gone too far with this DWI dismissal, says one viewer. Not quite, says our Rantmaster. We'll explain why our coverage has been far from "biased" or "one-sided" as a Rant accuses.

Brunswick Democrats ask Soles to withdraw bills

Sen. R.C. Soles introduced three new bills in the past week. Thursday, the Brunswick County Democratic Party asked the senator to withdraw all of them.

The Rant: May 26

FIRST ON 3: Soles submits another new bill to create new judge position in Brunswick Co.

video State Sen. R.C. Soles submitted a new bill Tuesday that would create a second superior court district in Brunswick County. Right now it has only one.

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