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NC senators issue statements on Trump-Putin meeting

Following a news conference, during which President Trump again referred to the investigation into Russian involvement in the election as "a witch hunt" and blamed both the US and Russia for strained relations between the superpowers, North Carolina's US senators, both Republicans, issued statements.

Legislator aims to tighten laws on flying with service animals

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr introduced legislation earlier this year that he says will protect the ability of people with disabilities travelling with trained service animals.

Wilmington may become country’s first World War II Heritage City

Wilmington could soon receive a very special honor. Local and state leaders want the Port City to be named as the first World War II Heritage City.
Election Cyber Security

Senators push for better security for 2018 election season

Government efforts to protect state and local elections from Russian cyberattacks in 2016 didn't go far enough, leaders of the Senate intelligence committee said Tuesday as the panel released recommendations to safeguard against foreign meddling in the 2018 primary season that's already underway.

Leaders respond with admiration, sadness for Billy Graham

Leaders expressed admiration and respect for evangelist Billy Graham, who died at his North Carolina home Wednesday morning.
Students and staff are led out of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, after a shooting that killed 17 people on Feb. 14, 2018. (Photo: ZUMA Presss)video

What are your representatives doing to stop school shootings?

A day after the 25th fatal school shooting in the United States since Columbine, we wanted to know what the people who represent us in Washington and Raleigh are doing to try and make sure it doesn't happen again.
Hurricane Matthew Fair Bluff Flooding

US Senate budget plan includes $125M for Hurricane Matthew relief

The US Senate's two-year budget plan could mean more money coming to North Carolina to continue recovery efforts from 2016's Hurricane Matthew, according to the state's senators.

Dozens deliver letter to Senator Burr in opposition to repeal of Affordable Care Act

Although the Senate has rejected a full repeal of Obamacare without an immediate replacement, dozens of people banded together to deliver a letter to Senator Burr this afternoon.
Former FBI Director James Comey is sworn in to testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8. 2017. (Photo: Pool/ABC News)video

James Comey testifies to Senate Intelligence Committee about conversations with Donald Trump

In a hugely anticipated hearing, fired FBI director James Comey will recount a series of conversations with President Donald Trump that he says made him deeply uneasy and concerned about the blurring of boundaries between the White House and a law enforcement agency that prides itself on independence.

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