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Cycle for Youth Science kicks off with 120-mile ride

Tomorrow, the executive director of the Young Scientist Academy kicks off "The Tour de Cape Fear", which will include a 120 mile ride through Pender, Sampson and Duplin counties to raise awareness about the program in rural communities.

Young Scientist Academy teaches kids STEM in a creative way

A local non-profit is providing a fun and creative environment to engage students in the natural world and explore research in science, technology, engineering and math.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The Jellyfish Whisperer

videoJellyfish can be scary. We know they come in all shapes and sizes and some can sting, but there are a lot of unknowns as well. Our Extraordinary Person of the Week studies jellyfish and says there are folks think jellyfish populations are on the rise. His research, though, shows that it's a myth. In fact, he says jellyfish numbers rise and fall over a 20 year time frame and it's that kind of knowledge that makes Rob Condon....the Jellyfish Whisperer.

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