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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Tag: Rob Zapple

NCDOT lowers River Road’s speed limit

Starting now, you'd better slow down on a six mile stretch of River Road.

New Hanover County Commissioner controversy comes to a head

Tuesday's New Hanover County Commissioner meeting opened with a controversial resolution removed from the agenda.

New Hanover Co. Commission Chair strikes pay increase resolution from agenda

New Hanover County Commission Chair Julia Olson-Boseman is requesting two other county commissioners forego the increased payments in the upcoming fiscal year.

Affordable housing committee meets with local builders and nonprofits

Wednesday, members of the Wilmington City Council and New Hanover County Board of Commissioners held an affordable housing meeting to address the growing need.

Commissioners approve affordable housing rezoning, new cell phone tower in Porters Neck

More affordable housing is on its way to New Hanover County, and cell phone service is about to improve for those in Porters Neck.

County commissioner chair defends decision to receive vaccine early

New Hanover County Commissioners have been under scrutiny since it was revealed last week they received the COVID-19 vaccine before they were eligible. On Monday, the commission chair once again defended that decision.

New Hanover County Commissioners vaccinated ahead of schedule

New Hanover County Board of Commissioners Chair Julia Olson-Boseman has confirmed that the members of the board have been vaccinated but seemed to have skipped the line.

New Hanover County Commissioners approve new $53 million government center

New Hanover County will be getting a new government center after a vote by county commissioners Tuesday evening.

New Hanover County urges residents to keep Covid at bay

The state of North Carolina is reporting an increase of 3,119 coronavirus cases, but New Hanover County is doing a better job at slowing the spread.

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Strike dodged with deal between film and TV crews, studios

An 11th-hour deal was reached Saturday, averting a strike of film and television crews that would have seen some 60,000 behind-the-scenes workers walk off their jobs and would have frozen productions in Hollywood and across the U.S.

Hundreds of people gather at the New Hanover County Arboretum for Pumpkin Palooza

Today, hundreds of people gathered at the New Hanover County Arboretum for the 4-H Pumpkin Palooza yesterday evening.

One national retail chain held a hiring event at all of its Wilmington locations to prepare for the holiday rush

Today one national retail chain held at all of its locations in the local area, ahead of the holiday season rush.

Veg-Out Festival held in Wilmington’s Riverfront Park showcased vegan and vegetarian vendors

Today, a festival held in downtown at the Riverfront Park gave attendees a chance to learn about vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.