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Wilmywood is back in action as filming kicks off

Wilmywood is breathing some new life these days as the feature film "Words on Bathroom Walls" is now filming around town.

WILMYWOOD: New movie sets Port City as filming location

Lights, camera, action! A new movie is set to start filming in the Port City.


In this week's edition of Cape Fear History and Mysteries, we take a look back at the Port City's very own Screen Gems Studios.

Film leaders excited about the future of Hollywood East

Supporters said this change is a big incentive for production companies to bring their films and TV shows to Wilmington. They can bring a production here without worries that the grant will end in three years.

Saturday is the last day for Good Behavior prop sale

Good behavior fans there is still time if you want to buy props from the show to take home with you. A lot of items have been sold since the sale started two days ago, but there is still a bunch of items to choose from.

‘Good Behavior’ selling set props

If you are a fan of Good Behavior, you can take a piece of the show home with you. Furniture, decorations and much more is being sold at Screen Gems Studio.

Locally filmed ‘Six’ hoping to be a hit at 10

The series, with many of the scenes filmed in the Wilmington area, is inspired by real life storylines of Seal Team Six.

Red Cross working out of Screen Gems studios

The American Red Cross has set up shop on the Screen Gems lot.

Cucalorus hosts ‘An Evening on the Red Carpet’ for Oscar Night

If you're looking to watch the Oscars in style this year, Cucalorus is again serving up a good time in the Cape Fear.

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