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Coast Guard frees sea turtle entangled in fishing trap line

The Coast Guard rescued a sea turtle entangled in a fishing trap line near Cape May on Thursday afternoon.

Dozens drive by sea turtle hospital to see their four flippered patients

The Karen Beasley Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation had a turtle parade on Thursday, and dozens of people lined up to join the "shell-ebration".

Sea turtle group counts record number of nests in Carolina Beach

The Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project says the 20th sea turtle nest was found in Carolina Beach, setting a record for the town.

Tagged sea turtle finds yearly home along Bald Head Island shore

A tagged sea turtle continues to find home at Bald Head Island for more than a decade.

1st sea turtle nest of the season hatches in South Carolina

South Carolina’s first known sea turtle nest of the summer has hatched.

Turtle watchers: Fill in beach holes during nesting season

As sea turtle season continues, local conservation groups are reminding beachgoers to fill in holes and remove other hazards from the beach to allow turtles the best chance at making their way to the water.

Drone video shows 64,000 endangered turtles near Great Barrier Reef

Drone footage taken by Australian researchers has captured tens of thousands of sea turtles nesting on an island near the Great Barrier Reef.

Experts ask beachgoers to tread lightly as rare sea turtles show up on NC...

A second rare sea turtle nested along the shores of eastern North Carolina in recent weeks, in Atlantic Beach, and an expert is cautioning beachgoers and turtle watchers to tread lightly around the creatures rarely seen in the area.

Sick sea turtle rescued by Ocean Isle Beach paddleboarder

Good deeds are popping up all over the country, including right here in our own backyard where a local teen went out of his way to try and save an animal.

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