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Texas remains on the ready for Hurricane Dean’s effects

Texas officials are keeping a watchful eye on Hurricane Dean as they continue to prepare for its possible effects.

Hurricane Dean could impact gas costs

As Hurricane Dean continues to carve a deadly destructive path it could also create a devastating impact on the economy -- particularly with the production of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Could gas prices skyrocket the way they did after Katrina?

Hurricane Dean swipes Jamaica, closes in on Cayman Islands

Hurricane Dean is closing in on the Cayman Islands. It's already swiped Jamaica, tearing roofs from homes and causing floods and landslides.

At least 1 dead as Hurricane Dean bears down on Caribbean

Authorities say Hurricane Dean is being blamed for at least one death as the storm moves through the Caribbean.

Tropical Storm Erin threatens Texas

Tropical Storm Erin is threatening to touch down Thursday in Texas and has caused the National Hurricane Center to issue a tropical storm warning for most of the Texas gulf coast.

Prisoner tempers flare in summer heat

When it gets as hot as it's been this week, tempers can flare. And that's something you especially don't want to happen inside state prisons.

Daily temp records broken on Grandfather Mountain

It doesn't take triple digits to break the daily temperature record on Grandfather Mountain.

Oppressive heat hits hard

videoOur top story is the oppressive heat. Many are staying cool with air conditioning, but some don't have that luxury. On these hot summer days there aren't many places for the homeless to go. The Good Shepherd Ministries in downtown Wilmington says it's the only homeless shelter in the county that stays open during the day.

Temperature records falling across North Carolina

Temperature records are falling around the state in the summer heat wave and forecasters predict more scorching weather today.

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