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Forecasters tell coastal areas to expect busy hurricane season

Government forecasts expect a busier than normal hurricane season this year. National Weather Service forecasters say they expect between 13 and 17 tropical storms, with seven to ten of them becoming hurricanes.

State officials begin campaign against coastal sandbags

State regulators are seeking a court order to force a Kure Beach condominium complex to remove sandbags that have protected the facility since 1985.

Erosion from storms threatens N.C. beaches

The coastal storm churning the ocean along North Carolina's southern coast has left some beaches badly eroded. And dozens of oceanfront buildings are now at risk.

NOAA Emergency Alert Radios: A Simple Investment That Could Save Your Life

Whenever we think about storm supplies, we usually think about batteries, flashlights, or canned food. But there's at least one item that is sometimes overlooked- the NOAA Emergency Alert Radio.

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