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North Carolina one of 10 states where FEMA will embed with state authorities

The footage showing destruction left by the weekend's tornadoes takes your breath away. State authorities have a plan for dealing with future natural disasters: FIT, short for FEMA Integration Team.

National Weather Service confirms EF-2 tornado in Greensboro

The National Weather Service says it has confirmed an EF-2 tornado touched down in Greensboro on Sunday with winds reaching 135mph and a path width of at least 300 yards.

A look at area outage maps with severe weather looming

We have links that will take you to local outage maps as severe weather enters our area.

Carolinas Tornado Outbreak: March 28, 1984

Today marks the 34th anniversary of the Carolinas Tornado Outbreak of 1984. It was one of the deadliest, most destructive tornado outbreaks in the history of North and South Carolina.

Storms strike college, leave trail of damage across South

Daybreak Tuesday revealed widespread damage after a night of violent weather in the Deep South, with a college campus shattered by an apparent tornado and thousands of buildings and vehicles battered by hail as large as baseballs.

Irma loses hurricane status but keeps spreading misery

Hurricane Irma weakened to a still-dangerous tropical storm Monday as it pushed inland, triggering record flooding in Florida's northeastern corner, while rescuers in its soggy, wind-battered wake mobilized to reach victims and learn the full extent of the damage.

Amateur radio operators can be last line of communication during severe weather

It takes a lot of manpower during severe weather and other events that threaten life and property to keep us safe. But did you know that a key branch of communications during those times is comprised of people just like you? The Amateur Radio Emergency Service consists of licensed amateur volunteers who use radio equipment to assist with communications when disaster strikes.

Severe weather brought intense hail storm, ground like snow

Severe weather turned summer into a winter wonderland in parts of Colorado Thursday.

30 treated at St. Francis Hospital after tornado

St. Francis Hospital spokeswoman Lauren Landwerlin says about 30 people have been treated at the hospital's trauma center and three were admitted in "non-critical condition" after a tornado struck near midtown Tulsa.

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