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3 MSU football players, doctor charged with sex crimes

Nassar is being sued by more than two dozen women and girls who say they were molested during treatments, some as far back as the late 1990s.

NC man accused of tying up daughter and killing her mother

Authorities accuse a 47-year-old Ohio man of tying up a woman and teenage daughter for days before killing the mother in their Statesville home.

Families First teams up with animal shelters to help domestic violence victims

The Columbus County Animal Shelter and Families First of Columbus and Bladen counties have developed the Pets and Women's Shelter (PAWS) program to give victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse a place to house their pet.

Jerry Sandusky forcefully denies sexual abuse of boys

Jerry Sandusky is making a forceful denial of the child molestation charges for which he's been convicted and says it wasn't his idea to waive his right to testify during his 2012 trial.

Two twerking women wanted for sexual abuse of man

Two women are wanted for third-degree sexual abuse after twerking on a man they didn't know.

Why did stories on dog picture, child sex abuse elicit much different reactions?

videoThe photo of a dog hanging has gotten a lot of attention over the past few days. The story on our website got 132 comments and nearly 40,000 reads in just 48 hours. But why did a story about a couple facing more than 100 sex crimes with a child got far less reaction? And why are some comments even more violent than the alleged offenses?

Mother of disabled child learns of son’s reported sexual abuse nearly one year later

video After her disabled son was reportedly sexually abused, the boy's mother says she was not informed for nearly a year and now wants justice.

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