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Throwing cigarettes from car could result in hefty fine

videoSmokers beware. If you're smoking while driving, do not toss your butts out the window.

Panel backs plans to ban smoking on government property

A House committee is backing three measures designed to curb smoking on government property.

Number of non-smokers with lung cancer on the rise

videoEnvironments including passive smoking thought to be a cause in increased cancer risks.

SC cigarette tax to go up

South Carolina's cigarette tax could soon be going up. And it could have an impact on Brunswick County smokers who now drive across the border to buy their cigarettes.

More local restaurants go smoke-free

More and more restaurants in our area are going smoke-free, but there's a lot more to it than putting up a no smoking sign.

North Carolina scores nearly all F’s in new anti-smoking report

North Carolina scored nearly all F's in the American Lung Association's new report on anti-smoking initiatives.

90 NC hospitals ban smoking

Local hospitals are doing their part to help keep people healthy by going tobacco-free starting Thursday.

Another Wilmington restaurant goes smoke-free

videoIt may not be required by law, but some local restaurants are choosing to go smoke free. Yesterday Salt Works II in Wilmington banned smoking after allowing it for 18 years.

Conference aims to keep tobacco from kids

Members of the American Cancer Society and the NAACP were at the Union Baptist Church Thursday.

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