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Mad Mole in the running to be named country’s fave solar brewery

Wilmington has only one brewery powered by solar panels -- and it could be named the nation’s favorite.

Huge Pender County solar farm under construction

A rural area in northern Pender County will soon help a Danish pharmaceutical company get a bit greener.

How will the eclipse affect solar energy production in North Carolina?

Less than two weeks from now, much of the country will experience darkness in the middle of the day. During this period, solar power companies are forced to make changes.

Currituck County considers ban on solar farms

Currituck's planning director, Ben Woody, says residents believe the solar farms hurt neighborhood aesthetics and property values.

U.S. utilities seek sun as Trump sides with coal, fossil fuels

Plunging solar power costs are leading U.S. electric companies to capture the sun just when President Donald Trump is moving to boost coal and other fossil fuels.

City of Wilmington saves some green with new green building

Imagine an electric bill of about $52 per month for a 6,100 square-foot house! That's the bill for the City of Wilmington's 6,100 square-foot green street sweeper facility at 17th and Marstellar streets.
Charlotte Solar Farm

Retired Charlotte landfill finds new life as a solar farm

A Charlotte landfill closed for nearly 50 years will soon finally find new life as a solar farm.The site has not been used since 1970.

SC Ports Authority adding solar to terminal roofs

The South Carolina Ports Authority is leasing the roofs of warehouses at its terminals in Charleston and Mount Pleasant to a company that generates solar power.

Google to buy solar power to run massive NC server farm

Google says it will offset the tremendous electricity needed for its North Carolina server farm with solar power under a new program that allows corporations to voluntarily pay more for renewable energy.

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