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Nearly 500 anglers in US Open King Mackerel Tournament

Hundreds of fishermen from all over the country are in Southport this weekend hoping to take home a first place title and thousands of dollars.

US Open King Mackerel Tournament kicks off Thursday in Southport

Coastal Carolina's premiere fishing tournament kicks off Thursday in Southport.

Southport Fire Department responds to lightning strikes

According to the Southport Fire Department Facebook page, crews had to respond to a couple of lightning strikes Saturday evening. 

Southport approves sale of old wastewater treatment plant

A 5-1 vote Tuesday night came with backlash, but city leaders say it was an offer they didn't want to pass up.

Board has 30 days to act on Marina’s resolution

Its day ten and no upset bids have been filed against Southport's Board of Aldermen's decision to let Southport Marina purchase the old waste water treatment plant.

Southport residents upset over proposed sale of property

Dozens of Southport residents turned out Thursday night as the city's Board of Aldermen held its first meeting since members voted to sell a piece of waterfront property.

Board votes for Southport Marina to take the land; some residents are upset

Some Southport residents are upset after the Board of Alderman voted 4 to 3 on Saturday to sell the city's former waste water treatment plant property to Southport Marina.

Southport closes entrance to city as curfew continues

The City of Southport has closed entrance to the city as it continues to deal with the effects of Hurricane Florence. The news comes in an e-mail from City Manager Bruce Oakley.

City talks how to keep popular Southport dock afloat

The Board of Alderman is talking Wednesday night about Southport's city dock that Hurricane Matthew damaged nearly two years ago.

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