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Fist-bumping 2-year-old boards airplane to Raleigh in style

This 2-year-old boarded his flight in style as the friendliest passenger on his airplane, fist-bumping people as he walked down the aisle.
Southwest Airlines RDU Houston

2 hurt in unrelated incidents on Southwest flight from RDU

Two people aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from North Carolina to Houston's Hobby Airport have been treated for unrelated medical issues.

Harrowing moments during Southwest plane’s emergency landing

After a Southwest Airlines flight from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida, was forced to make an emergency landing over the weekend in Pensacola, Florida, due to what the airline said was a mechanical issue, passengers shared their accounts of harrowing moments inside the plane.

Southwest suffers technology outage; flights held at gates

Southwest Airlines flights across the country were held up Wednesday while the airline worked to fix technology problems.

California student says airline removed him for Arabic

A University of California, Berkeley student and former Iraqi refugee says he was unfairly removed from a flight in Los Angeles this month because another passenger was alarmed by an innocent conversation he was having in Arabic.

8 injured when Southwest Airlines flight rolls off runway

At least eight people were hospitalized after a Southwest Airlines plane 'exited the taxiway shortly after arriving into Nashville, as the plane was approaching the gate,' according to a statement by the air carrier.

Southwest says it expects normal day of operations

Southwest Airlines says it's still trying to get some delayed passengers where they're going, and to deliver baggage. But it says it's expecting the technical systems that run its customer service to perform normally today.

Southwest warns travelers today to plan ahead after delays

Southwest Airlines is warning passengers today to get ready for possible delays because of technical problems that began yesterday morning.

After resisting for years, JetBlue adds checked bag fee

The era of free checked suitcases on JetBlue has come to an end. The airline proudly proclaimed itself a holdout on fees for years, allowing passengers to check one bag for free. Now it will charge up to $25 for checked luggage.

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