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WPD Sgt. Kevin Tully testifies during the trial of James Opelton Bradley on June 19, 2017. (Photo: Hannah Patrick/WWAY)

FIRST ON WWAY: Wilmington cop wins Supreme Court ruling against city

North Carolina's Supreme Court has sided with a Wilmington Police officer in his fight against the city over a failed test seven years ago.

City, county nix consolidation of fire departments

Wilmington and New Hanover County administrators do not want to pursue a full consolidation of the city and county fire departments.

City Manager, Police Chief get 1.5% raises

According to a City of Wilmington spokesman, both City Manager Sterling Cheatham and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous got a 1.5% increase for fiscal year 2014-15. Cheatham went from a salary of $178.932 to $181,636. Evangelous was bumped from $144,950 to $147,134.

WPD shrinks K9 unit, city looks to donate dog to Fair Bluff

videoThe Wilmington Police dog involved in a controversial bite last fall may soon belong to the Fair Bluff Police Department. Tomorrow Wilmington City Council will vote whether to donate Kaas to Fair Bluff as surplus property the city no longer needs.

ONLY ON 3: City Manager explains why Department of Justice came to Port City...

videoIn the last several months the Wilmington Police Department has seen low morale, problems in the K9 unit, and several SBI investigations. Despite these issues, Wilmington City Manager Sterling Cheatham says crime rates have gone down virtually every year for the last 10 years.

ONLY ON 3: City, county look to work together on future storm clean-up

video New Hanover County has told the City of Wilmington it will not help foot some of the city's bill to clean up from February's ice storm. But could the mess be a spark for county-city cooperation?

ONLY ON 3: City manager addresses low morale at WPD

videoA Wilmington Police survey shows many employees are not happy with their job. So today we took those concerns to the city's top administrator.

ONLY ON 3: Wilmington City Manager finally talks about policy change that surprised staff

video It took some time, but we finally got Wilmington's city manager to talk about a policy that has a lot of city workers upset. We told you last night workers are just finding out about a policy that changes the way they're paid if they get hurt on the job.

ONLY ON 3: Wilmington whacks injury leave for cops, firefighters and city workers

video A policy Wilmington City Council approved without discussion in November will limit the amount of benefits an employee can get if they are hurt on the job. Some city workers are fired up, because they say nobody told them about the change.

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