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Convention Center parking jam leads to review

The Wilmington Convention Center’s management is proposing parking changes following a recent bottleneck that delayed hundreds trying to exit the parking garage.

Saffo, Cheatham, Rivenbark refuse to talk baseball, hotel, budget

It seems like our city leaders are afraid to talk about the baseball project and where it stands right now.

FIRST ON 3: Wilmington City Manager hugely exaggerating baseball stadium petition ballot cost

Tuesday night, members of the Wilmington City Council will talk baseball once again. One item on the agenda is how much it will cost to put Ben McCoy and Josh Fulton's anti-tax based baseball stadium petition on the general election ballot.

FIRST ON 3: Wilmington City Manager reports $1 million in extra city sales tax...

In a proposal to the Wilmington City Council for their consideration Tuesday evening, City Manager Sterling Cheatham reports that the city will have an unexpected $1 million extra in sales tax revenue for this fiscal year. One line later, though, he's ready to spend half of it on further studies and legal fees for the new Wilmington Convention Center hotel and the baseball stadium.

FIRST ON 3: The City of Wilmington’s proposal to hire Ripken Design to manage...

Just one day after Mandalay Baseball Properties and the Atlanta Braves announced they had secured private financing to build a new baseball stadium in Wilmington, City Manager Sterling Cheatham has drawn up a proposal to hire Ripken Design of Baltimore, MD, to manage the city's baseball project manager.

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