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Pender community surfs its way to recovery months after storm

Surf City beaches, dunes, and businesses are still on the mend after Hurricane Florence.

The Bistro at Topsail closing permanently after Hurricane Florence

Chef and owner of Surf City’s The Bistro at Topsail announced plans to permanently close the gourmet, farm-to-table coastal restaurant and step away from the restaurant industry.

Hydrant flushing may discolor water for some Surf City residents

The Town of Surf City says residents on the island could see discoloration in your water over the next week but don't be alarmed.

Surf City elects to proactively tackle sand concerns

Based upon the results received on the imminent critical areas from FEMA, the Town elected Friday to move forward 'as rapidly' as possible in addressing sand issues on the beach strand, according to Allan Libby, Director of Tourism and Public Information.

Topsail Island is back open post-Florence

Topsail Island is one of the most popular sites on the North Carolina coast. After over $9 million in construction repairs post-Hurricane Florence, the island is back and thriving with business.

Surf City talks town’s growth and where to focus for future developments

Surf City residents and leaders met Thursday at the community center to discuss the recovery of their beaches and the future of the town itself.

Surf City beach access points start to reopen

There is some good news for people in Surf City. Officials there say they are making progress on repairing and reopening the beach access points.

Police charge driver with DWI in crash that killed two

A driver and passenger died in a traffic collision in Surf City late Sunday night.

Surf City still recovering four months after Hurricane Florence

It's been more than four months since Surf City felt the impact from Hurricane Florence.

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