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Lawmakers speak out on new study about Sutton Lake contamination

New research from Duke University's Avner Vengosh shows large amounts of lead, cobalt and other heavy metals in Sutton Lake.
Coal Ash Spillvideo

Study: Heavy metals in Sutton Lake bottom extensive

A Duke University scientist says a toxic stew of coal ash has spilled repeatedly from storage pits at a Wilmington power plant into an adjoining lake, and flooding from Hurricane Florence was only the latest example.
Coal Ash Spillvideo

UPDATE: State tests show water OK after Sutton Lake breach

A coal ash spill from two weeks ago has left many people in the Cape Fear on edge as we waited for test results to come back. Well the results are in.

DEQ begins testing water in Sutton Lake

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality says it began testing the water in Sutton Lake near Wilmington Saturday after the Cape Fear River breached a dam around the coal ash pits.

Duke Energy: Dam breached at Wilmington plant, coal ash basins affected

Duke Energy says flooding at the L.V. Sutton plant near Wilmington has led the company to shut down the 625-megawatt natural gas plant.

Floodwaters inundate lake at NC power plant, raising alarm

Duke Energy activated a high-level emergency alert at a retired coal-fired power plant in North Carolina as floodwaters from the nearby Cape Fear River overtopped an earthen dike there and inundated a large lake, raising concerns of a potential breach.
Duke Energy's Sutton Plant in New Hanover County (Photo: WWAY)

State opens public comment period on renewal of water quality permit at Duke’s Sutton...

The NC Department of Environmental Quality has started a public comment period for a draft proposed water quality permit for Duke Energy’s Sutton Steam Plant.

Duke Energy to pay $1M to settle latest coal ash suit

Duke Energy is contributing at least $1 million to protect a river, lake and wetlands near Wilmington to settle a lawsuit over coal ash stored at a closed power plant.

Duke Energy Progress representatives meet with public

The community had a chance to meet with Duke Energy officials to talk about the process of closing the Sutton Plant Coal Ash Ponds.

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