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Environmental groups ask judge to dismiss part of lawsuit

A coalition of environmental groups is asking a North Carolina judge to dismiss part of lawsuit over pollution leaking from Duke Energy's coal ash dumps.

Duke Energy to appeal $25.1M state fine for New Hanover pollution

videoDuke Energy says it will appeal a record $25.1 million fine recently imposed by state regulators for pollution in New Hanover County.

Duke Energy: Coal ash study contains mistakes; Group withdraws study

videoEnvironmentalists are calling on North Carolina health officials to warn people against eating fish caught near a Duke Energy coal ash dump outside Wilmington after a new study shows high levels of contamination.

DENR reclassifies Sutton Lake, raises dam hazard level

video State regulators have reclassified Sutton Lake in New Hanover County in a move that environmentalists hope means greater protection from possible pollution from a nearby power plant.

Environmental groups want dam hazard ratings raised at Sutton Lake

videoEnvironmental groups have asked state regulators to raise the dam hazard ratings for the coal ash dams at Duke Energy's L.V. Sutton Plant in New Hanover County.

Duke Energy seeks right plan for coal ash clean-up

videoSince the spill in the Dan River coal ash has been a hot topic. This has folks asking a few questions about the coal ash in our own backyard. Duke Energy Progress is trying to answer some questions.

Senate bill pushes to close NC coal ash ponds

videoThe North Carolina Senate is trying to push through legislation that will close all coal ash ponds in the state. The bill would also allow for clean-up of certain coal ash sites, including the Sutton Plant site right here in southeastern North Carolina. Environmental activists wonder if the bill goes far enough.

Judge: Coal ash lawsuit in NC can move forward

videoA federal judge says a lawsuit accusing Duke Energy coal ash pits of polluting a lake near Wilmington can move forward. The Southern Environmental Law Center filed a lawsuit last year on behalf of environmental groups, saying the toxic waste was polluting Sutton Lake and violating the federal Clean Water Act.

Environmental groups file suit about Sutton Plant pollution

videoEnvironmental groups today filed a federal lawsuit against Duke Energy Progress. They want the power company to clean up its toxic coal ash pollution of Sutton Lake near Wilmington and coal ash pollution of groundwater at its Sutton Plant.

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