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Teacher of the Week: Joshua Bailey

The Broadway musical 'Hamilton' stretches it's influence all the way to the classroom of Joshua Bailey at Cape Fear Middle School. It helps him teach Social Studies to his 9th graders. "It's just awesome to see them get engaged in dead founding fathers that they wouldn't normally," he says, "it has really opened up the door for them."

Teacher of the Week: Michael Harper

Michael Harper maintains control and teaches with enthusiasm and fun in a gym full of 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Trask Middle School. "I've been teaching for a number of years and you learn what works best for each grade," he says, adding "it's because I have gray hair and I've been doing it a while."

NC teacher transferred after using racial slur

A Cumberland County high school teacher has been reassigned to the district office after officials investigated a report that she used a racial slur about a student.

Teacher being investigated after stepping on American flag

The superintendent of a North Carolina school system says a high school teacher is being investigated after students say he stepped on an American flag as part of a history lesson.

Teacher of the Week: Jessica Levasa

Jessica Levasa says her job as a fifth grade teacher is to take her elementary students and get them ready to be independent and on their own in middle school.

Teacher of the Week: Cathy Edmonds

Cathy Edmonds says a little laughter, a little sarcasm, and the hard work of every teacher is what it takes to make successful students. The Teacher of the Week is beloved by current and former students who describe her as someone that makes a lifelong impression.

Brunswick school uniform survey results in

The school uniform survey results are in and the majority of Brunswick County elementary and middle school parents are saying 'no'.

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