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VIDEO: Boy bound to wheelchair asks teacher to help him jump rope

When 8-year-old Jorgy Emerson asked his P.E. teacher Lauren Watts if he could jump rope, she didn’t hesitate.

Mom: NC teacher bit her 4-year-old’s finger, causing infection

Authorities in North Carolina are investigating a parent's report of a teacher biting her 4-year-old daughter.

Teacher accused of assault on student over Pledge of Allegiance

A Colorado teacher on leave after being accused of assaulting a student who would not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Teacher arrested after putting packing tape over student’s mouth, police say

An elementary school teacher in Charleston County was arrested and charged after placing packing tape over the mouth of a student, police said.

North Carolina teachers must repay bonus handed out in error

More than 100 North Carolina teachers who got bonuses have been told they must pay the money back because it was a mistake.

NC educators frustrated not all teachers eligible for performance bonuses

Millions of dollars are being paid out, but many teachers who are not receiving money are frustrated with the new system.

Teacher recorded telling student military members are ‘the lowest of our low’

A teacher and city council member in Pico Rivera, California is causing a lot of controversy after he was heard in a student’s video making disparaging comments towards members of the military.

Parents outraged after school police handcuffed 7-year-old son

Police took a 7-year-old boy away in handcuffs from a school in Miami after they said he attacked a teacher, leaving his parents questioning the way authorities and school officials handled the situation.

Teacher of the Week: Trina Jones

As a relatively new teacher at Shallotte Middle School Trina Jones was surprised to find out she won was the first Teacher of the Week of 2018.  Winning, she says, makes her feel like "the kids must really hear what I'm saying and know I love them."

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