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Local film premiering at Thalian Hall for one night only

A new film, shot right here in Wilmington, is heading to the big screen. Well Thalian Hall's big screen that is but just for one night.

Wilmington’s Got Talent showcases local performers

Wilmington's got talent is a competition show casing amateur performers from New Hanover County and surrounding areas.

Cucalorus filmmakers discuss Hollywood sexual assault accusations

Claims of sexual harassment and assault have swept Hollywood one actor, producer, and comedian at a time. It is a growing scandal that has taken over headlines across the nation.

Cucalorus Film Festival in full swing

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, the Cucalorus Film Festival is now in full swing.

23rd annual Cucalorus Festival kicks off in downtown Wilmington

The 23rd annual Cucalorus Film Festival kicked off Wednesday night in downtown Wilmington.
Time Capsulevideo

School kids bury time capsule at Thalian Hall

A moment in the present to look to the future through a time capsule. Students from Winter Park Elementary School made pictures of Wilmington, 50 years from now.

Grandson to portray presidential grandfather in play

A well known figure in American history, Harry Truman the 33rd president of the United States, will be center stage at Thalian Hall come Thursday.

Stage legend Hal Holbrook retires before Thalian Hall performance

After 63 years, Hal Holbrook has decided to retire from performing his one-man show about Mark Twain.

Rally for clean water held in downtown Wilmington

The steps of Thalian Hall were packed with people young and old clamoring for clean water in the Cape Fear Saturday morning.

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