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Thalian Hall renovation project kicks into high gear

video City Hall aka Thalian Hall, looks nice and tranquil on the outside, but inside it's quite another matter.

Thalian Hall prepares for a makeover

videoA historic venue in downtown Wilmington will be closed for about nine months, but all for a good reason. Thalian Hall is being renovated to preserve it's antique style, and getting some new bells and whistles at the same time.

A Wonderful Life opens at Thalian

videoA popular Christmas movie, which is also quite timely right now, is coming to the stage in Wilmington.

Thalian Hall turns 150

videoThalian Hall is now 150 years old, or young. Community members gathered to celebrate Thalian Hall's birthday on Sunday.

Flavor of the Past: Thalian Hall

videoExperiencing history through food is the idea behind the upcoming Flavor of the Past tour. All this week, we are featuring historical locations around Wilmington, and the restaurants they are paired with on the tour.

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