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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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THE RANT returns to take on post-election reaction

What a week it's been after the craziest of campaigns. And now that we have a new president-elect, people on all sides are going nuts.

THE RANT: New Hanover Co. Commission goes too far with Berger amotion

videoFor the first time in nearly a century, a North Carolina politician has been removed from office through a process called amotion. But WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo says there are lots of losers in this case. He explains in tonight's edition of The Rant.

The Rant: WPD, city leaders need to break ‘code of silence’

videoA day after Wilmington's police chief addressed mistakes that hastened changes in his department, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. But WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo says there's a way to answer some. He explains in tonight's edition of The Rant.

The Rant: Armstrong’s lies, Te’o’s hoax

videoTwo stories. Two stars. Two stunning truths. Lance Armstrong's admission he doped and Manti Te'o's admission he was duped have a lot of people shaking their heads in disbelief. WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo has more in tonight's edition of The Rant.

New Mr. Food segment airs, we want your input

Since Mr. Food lost his battle with cancer last year, his right hand man, Howard, is taking over the Mr. Food test kitchen, and we want to know what you think. video

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ISS resupply rocket launch will be visible in North Carolina tonight

People in North Carolina, including the coast, looking skyward will catch a glimpse of the rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station.

FEEDING FRENZY: Watch as sharks feed on baitfish at Surf City Pier

We all know sharks live in the ocean, but it's neat to capture them on camera. 

Authorities use pear to entice, capture escaped emu

Authorities in a city north of Boston have captured an emu after the large flightless bird was spotted roaming local streets.

CCSO: Detective fires shots to stop fugitive driving toward them in stolen truck

A man is behind bars after he stole two trucks and led authorities on a chase in Columbus County, according to the sheriff's office.