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Philip Morris Int’l CEO: Tobacco not hard to quit

The head of cigarette maker Philip Morris International says tobacco is not that hard to quit.

Report gives NC failing grades on tobacco control

The American Lung Association is giving the nation's top tobacco-producing state failing grades for efforts to curb the death and diseases caused by tobacco use.

Deliberations continue in suit against NC cigarette maker

Jurors in a lawsuit by the family of a Massachusetts woman who accused a North Carolina-based tobacco company of enticing black children to smoke have resumed deliberations.

Columbus County considers tobacco ban

Tobacco has long been king in Columbus County, but tonight commissioners will consider a tobacco ban.

New tobacco regulations may be ticket to quit

videoSo how are the new regulations on tobacco being received here? Smokers NewsChannel 3 spoke with said they understand looking out for people's health. And while some do not necessarily agree with how the president is going about these new regulations, they said the law may be the ticket to help them quit.

FDA to take control over tobacco industry

Major changes were made Monday for the tobacco industry. President Obama signed new legislation giving the Food and Drug Administration sweeping powers over the industry. The bill gives the F.D.A. the authority to regulate the marketing, advertising and manufacturing of tobacco products.

Governor signs smoking ban into law

The country's largest tobacco-producing state is going smoke free.

SC cigarette tax to go up

South Carolina's cigarette tax could soon be going up. And it could have an impact on Brunswick County smokers who now drive across the border to buy their cigarettes.

Another Wilmington restaurant goes smoke-free

videoIt may not be required by law, but some local restaurants are choosing to go smoke free. Yesterday Salt Works II in Wilmington banned smoking after allowing it for 18 years.

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