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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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UNC Charlotte students to march to end injustice: ‘a journey toward change’

Students are gathering at UNC Charlotte for a march to end injustice Saturday afternoon.

UNC Charlotte to hold online remembrance of fatal shooting

The anniversary of the shooting deaths of two North Carolina university students will be observed with an online service because of the coronavirus mandate to stay at home.

Memorial proposed for North Carolina college shooting victims

A committee formed in the wake of a shooting on a North Carolina college campus last April is proposing a $1 million memorial to honor the victims.

NC corn maze honors Riley Howell

Fall means more outdoor activities, like seasonal corn mazes. In 2019, one in Canton honors Riley Howell.

UNC-Charlotte shooting suspect pleads guilty

The man charged with killing two North Carolina university students and wounding four others in their classroom in April pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of first-degree murder.

Police: UNCC shooting suspect planned attack for months

The man charged with fatally shooting two students and wounding four others in a North Carolina university classroom told police he'd planned the attack for months but gave up the assault after he was tackled and knocked to the floor, police detectives said.

UNC Charlotte to close classroom where fatal shooting occurred

A North Carolina university chancellor says the school will not use the classroom where a gunman opened fire in April, killing two students and wounding four others.

Student survivor opens up about UNCC shooting for first time

For the first time, a University of North Carolina at Charlotte student opened up about the shooting on campus that nearly killed him.

Do mosquitoes bite certain people more than others? NC expert says yes

The female mosquito is the one that bites - and she's looking to get some of your blood so she can digest it and convert it into the energy she needs to make her eggs.

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Police investigating social media posts involving serial rapist near UNCW

Wilmington police are actively investigating social media posts regarding a serial rapist in the area of UNCW. 

Pender County Sheriff’s Office investigating shooting in Burgaw

The Pender County Sheriff's Office is investigating a shooting in Burgaw Thursday afternoon.

US traffic deaths fell 2% in 2019; 3rd straight yearly drop

The government's road safety agency says U.S. traffic deaths fell for the third straight year in 2019.

Parrots forced to separate at zoo for excessive swearing

A British wildlife sanctuary has been forced to separate five parrots who wouldn't stop swearing at visitors.