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Their stories are untold. Often they are stories that do not add up. Stories with missing pieces. Each Monday on Good Morning Carolina, Hannah Patrick is telling their stories in the WWAY series #UNSOLVED. Check back here for extra information on the cases profiled and how you can help investigators and families find answers.

#UNSOLVED: Woman asks for help moments before being killed in Bladen Co.

What happened to Amber Babson on September 14, 2008 remains unsolved.

#UNSOLVED: Man shot to death in Brunswick Co. home in 2008

Nine years ago, a man was found shot to death in his home near Leland. Mark Johnson's murder remains unsolved.

#UNSOLVED: Road rage turns deadly in Brunswick County

Almost forty years ago, someone shot and killed Bennie Smith in the middle of the day in Brunswick County. 

#UNSOLVED: Ebonee Spears seen at WPD, Boys & Girls Club before going missing

Rivers reported Ebonee Spears missing on Januray 15, 2016.

UNSOLVED: ‘Ambush-style’ murder in Castle Hayne in 1998

A night that started as a family cookout, ended with a murder almost twenty years ago.
Detectives investigate a shooting death in the parking lot of Jungle Rapids in Wilmington on Oct. 18, 2017. (Photo: Andrew James/WWAY)video

Woman relives final moments with Jungle Rapids shooting victim

It has been more than three weeks since someone shot and killed a 19-year-old at Jungle Rapids in Wilmington. His funeral is set for tomorrow.

UNSOLVED: Woman found in Brunswick Co. in 1979 remains unidentified

Jane Doe 1979 was found on December 8, 1979 in some woods near what is now the intersection of Hooper Road and Mount Misery Road.

UNSOLVED: Man goes missing in Wilmington, body found in Town Creek

After 23 years, a mother is still searching for answers as detectives continue searching for the person who killed her son.

#UNSOLVED: Father seeking justice after only child murdered in Wilmington

A father is still grieving and still looking for answers after his only son was murdered in Wilmington a little over a year ago.

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