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US Colored Troops sculpture in the works for historic battlegrounds

As statues across the nation are being taken down, one artist is working on putting up a monument here in Wilmington.

Marking History: US Colored Troops in Wilmington National Cemetery

videoOur area is rich in Civil War history, but there's a part of that history that isn't so widely known.Outside the Wilmington National Cemetery stands a plaque honoring the US Colored Troops buried there.

Driving force behind historical marker to be honored in nation’s capital

Last month a historical marker was unveiled outside Wilmington National Cemetery to honor the hundreds of US Colored Troops buried in the Port City. Next week the man behind that marker will be honored for his efforts.

Historical marker honors US Colored Troops in Civil War

videoA new historical marker now stands on the side of Market Street in Wilmington. It honors the Civil War efforts of slaves and free blacks who fought in the Port City.

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