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Was that ballot fraud in North Carolina US House race?

The country's last vacant congressional seat will stay that way for months after North Carolina's election board, hearing evidence of ballot fraud and testimony that the Republican ignored warning signs, ordered a new election.

Former colleague says Rep. Walter Jones was ‘hard not to love’

North Carolina mourns the death of Rep. Walter Beamon Jones Jr. One local colleague talks about his impact from the nation, down to Pender County.

Rep Walter Jones Jr. of North Carolina dies on 76th birthday

A longtime member of North Carolina's congressional delegation, who briefly represented part of southeastern North Carolina, has died.

Trump says ‘wall’ must be part of lawmakers’ border deal

Capitol Hill negotiators are hopeful of an agreement as they officially kick off talks on a homeland security spending bill stalled over funding for President Donald Trump's proposed border wall.

NCGOP Twitter: Rep. Walter Jones in hospice care

Rep. Walter Jones, who serves most of this area as a representative of the state's 3rd Congressional District, is currently under hospice care.

Talks start as Senate rejects 2 plans for ending shutdown

The Senate has voted down competing Democratic and Republican plans for ending the 34-day partial government shutdown on Thursday.

Senate rejects rival Dem, GOP plans for reopening government

A splintered Senate swatted down competing Democratic and Republican plans for ending the 34-day partial government shutdown on Thursday, leaving President Donald Trump and Congress with no obvious formula for halting the longest-ever closure of federal agencies and the damage it is inflicting around the country.

Ending showdown with Pelosi, Trump postpones State of Union

President Donald Trump said he is postponing his State of the Union address until the partial government shutdown ends, yielding after a weeklong showdown with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Rep. David Rouzer says Democrats need to put offer on table to end shutdown

The government shutdown continues into day 33. Politicians cannot seem to come to an agreement.

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