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Leland extends immediate water shortage declaration

The town of Leland is urging residents and visitors to continue to use water wisely due to hot weather. According to a press release, the town of Leland has extended its declaration of an immediate water shortage.

CFPUA lifts water restrictions, urges conservation

CFPUA has lifted Stage 1 Water Conservation Advisory restrictions for all customers, according to a news release from CFPUA.

CFPUA asks customers to voluntarily conserve water

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is encouraging its customers to use water wisely as the persistent high temperatures and lack of rain increase demands on the community’s drinking water systems.

Water conservation urged for Memorial Day throughout Brunswick County

Water customers throughout Brunswick County are urged to conserve water this Memorial Day.

Irrigation meters cost $4,000 for Kure Beach residents

Those who want to buy an irrigation meter to keep an eye on water usage and save on water fees will have to pay a lot of money upfront.

Brunswick County in State of Emergency due to water situation

Brunswick County is under a State of Emergency and water conservation measures are imperative for all public water users after attempts at a temporary fix to a broken water main did not work.

Brunswick County: Conserving water is imperative

As a reminder for those who live in Brunswick County, mandatory water conservation measures are still in place for all consumers of public water in Brunswick County following a water main break.

Surveys about Camp Lejeune water still sought

The federal agency leading the health survey about contaminated water at Camp Lejeune is using YouTube to reach out to service members and civilians who worked at the base and their families.

CFPUA asks for voluntary water restrictions Thursday

video The last time the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority called for voluntary water use restrictions, it ended in a weekend-long water emergency. It's asked customers in the northern part of New Hanover County to limit water use again later this week hoping this time things go a lot better.

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