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Local church does drive thru Ash Wednesday

It is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Lenten Season, which includes Good Friday, and ends on Holy Saturday.

Wilmington church offers ashes and blessings to go on Ash Wednesday

It's Ash Wednesday -- an important holy day of prayer and fasting for many Christians.

Wesley Memorial UMC announces opening date for pumpkin patch

The Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church has announced the opening date of their annual Pumpkin Patch.

How one church made receiving ashes easy this Ash Wednesday

One church made Ash Wednesday easy for everyone this year, with ashes to go. If you didn't have time to go to a church service today, you could just hit the drive thru.

‘Drive-Thru Ashes’ for Ash Wednesday offered at Wilmington church

Today is Ash Wednesday and one Wilmington church made the first day of Lent as convenient as possible.

Wilmington Cub Scouts sell record amount of popcorn

Cub Scout Pack 226, based out of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Wilmington, sold $100,000 worth of popcorn this year.

Church alerts police of overnight theft at pumpkin patch

The box gets cleaned out each morning so it is uncertain how much money was stolen or at what time.

Pumpkin patch season has officially started

A Wilmington favorite is back! The Wesley Memorial UMC pumpkin patch is open for business.

Wesley Memorial UMC pumpkin patch opens for season

It's almost time to turn the calendar to October which means the pumpkin patch at Wesley Memorial UMC opens to the public Saturday.

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