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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Necropsy reveals more about beached whale at Oak Island

The remains of the whale that washed ashore at Oak Island are now gone. The whale was euthanized and then a necropsy performed to figure out what was wrong with the whale.

Whale euthanized after getting stranded close to shore at Oak Island

A whale that got stranded close to shore near East 22nd Street in Oak Island Thursday morning has been euthanized.

VIDEO: Whale spotted feeding near shore in Kure Beach

A rare moment over the weekend as a whale was seen feeding close to shore along an area beach. A drone flew overhead to captured it all.

Beachside necropsy performed on humpback whale

Marine biologists are working to determine what killed a juvenile humpback whale that washed ashore in Kure Beach.

FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Dead whale washes back onto Bald Head Island

video The Bald Head Island Conservancy says the beached whale that was pushed back into the ocean yesterday, washed back on shore dead this morning.

FIRST ON 3: BHI residents give beached whale fighting chance

video Residents say a whale beached itself on the Eastern side of Bald Head Island Sunday morning.

FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Beached whale on Bald Head Island returned to ocean by residents; biologists say whale died

videoResidents say a whale beached itself on the Eastern side of the island. Crowds gathered around the stranded whale and realized the animal was still breathing.

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Kure Beach council passes ordinance opposing wind energy leases within 24 miles of shoreline

The first year of paid parking wrapped up in the Town of Kure Beach and the council is reporting how much was made and taking a stand against wind energy too close to its shoreline.

Preparations begin for the 2021 Cape Fear Fair and Expo

Signs of the 2021 Cape Fear Fair and Expo are now visible near the Wilmington International Airport, where workers began preparations on Sunday. 

Leland celebrates long-awaited completion of a multi-use path along Old Fayetteville Road

Dozens of people turned out Monday for an event years in the making, celebrating the completion of a path connecting Founders Park to North Brunswick High School. 

Commissioners clash over community violence prevention plans

Monday's New Hanover County Commissioner meeting grew tense when the conversation turned to violence prevention in the Cape Fear.