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What Did We Miss? Homer Simpson inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame

The Baseball hall of Fame honors the anniversary of a classic Simpsons episode PLUS A Price is Right contestant makes Plinko history.

What Did We Miss? More than 7,000 roosters found in largest cockfighting ring bust...

LA County Sheriff's deputies bust the largest cockfighting ring in the US, plus a new dinosaur species is discovered in Canada.

What Did We Miss? Man gets ticket for hitting goose with plastic bat to...

A man gets a ticket after whupping a goose with a wiffle ball bat PLUS a tanker leaks chocolate onto the road.

What Did We Miss? Mom pulls gun on barber when son’s haircut takes too...

One mother grew a little impatient with the student barber cutting her son's hair. PLUS check out the public restroom that got a $300K renovation.

What Did We Miss? Someone is shaving other people’s cats

A cat shaving bandit is running amok PLUS an elementary school principal encouraged her teachers to aggressively work out their stress by beating up furniture with a bat.

What Did We Miss? Las Vegas police chase loose exotic rodent

Las Vegas police had their hands full chasing a loose Patagonian Mara PLUS An Oregon high schooler runs his own million dollar business.

What Did We Miss? Hundreds of Charlie Chaplin impersonators gather outside his home

Over 600 little tramps gathered for Charlie Chaplin's 128th birthday PLUS a biology teacher writes original hip-hop songs to teach her lessons.

What Did We Miss? Man hands Portland mayor a Pepsi in tense awkward moment

A man in Portland tries to pay homage to everyone's least favorite commercial PLUS a shop owner fights for his right to have a 9-foot inflatable Mario.

What Did We Miss? Couple holds wedding reception at In-N-Out Burger

One couple has an extremely casual wedding reception PLUS one of the biggest rivalries in baseball gets a museum exhibit.

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