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What Did We Miss? Vegan denied Swiss citizenship because she doesn’t like cowbells

A reformed hunter now spends $4500/year feeding oats to deer. Also! Meet a cockatoo who roots for the Green Bay Packers.

What Did We Miss? Cowboy lassoes runaway cow on highway and more

David Bevill rode on the hood of a Sheriff car and lassoed a loose calf on the highway. Also! UK police find a car that was lost 6 months ago when the driver forgot where he parked it.

What Did We Miss? Crooks use stolen skylift to steal ATM

Two thieves used a stolen skylift and U-haul to yank an ATM off the ground like it was a weed. Watch the unbelievable video here.

What Did We Miss? Florida Woman is allowed to keep her pet alligator

Rambo, the ATV riding alligator, gets to stay with his owner in the most Floridian story ever.

What Did We Miss? Police save “frozen” woman who’s actually a mannequin

Cops rush to save a "frozen" mannequin and a couple receives a semi-automatic rifle from UPS when they were expecting a toy plane.

What Did We Miss? Paleontologist finds dinosaur tail in amber

A dinosaur tail has been found encased in amber! How close are we to having a Jurassic Park? Watch and find out.

What Did We Miss? Thief casually grabs $1.6M in gold from armored truck

This week we look at some bizarre thieves including a pair who accidentally stole a box of dog poop.

What Did We Miss? Aretha Franklin gives incredibly long performance of the National Anthem

Can Wills solve a Rubik's cube in half the time it takes Aretha Franklin to sing the national anthem? Also, a Texas man opens an ugly christmas sweater store.

What Did We Miss? New Jersey man is arrested for toll fines over $20,000...

This week Wills Maxwell reports on a man who hasn't been paying the toll, A Houston woman with 26 inch fingernails, a spelling-challenged robber and a real life Deadpool adventure!

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