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What Did We Miss? Florida man stops traffic eating pancakes in crosswalk

A Florida man's syrupy prank gets him in trouble with the law. PLUS the Canadian government tells Lorne Grabher to stop putting his last name on his license plate.

What Did We Miss? Serial dine and dasher keeps leaving blind dates with the...

Paul Gonzales uses the dating app Bumble to score free meals. PLUS check out this unbelievable buzzer beater.

What Did We Miss? Lawyer’s pants catch fire during closing argument

A lawyer's pants burst into flames during an arson trial PLUS skydiving dogs are on the front lines stopping poachers.

What Did We Miss? Man’s home features exact replica of the Oval Office

Glenn Crooks' love of the highest office inspired him to have it imitated inside his home. PLUS a college student proves his sobriety to the police by juggling for them.

What Did We Miss? SpaceX will send 2 citizens around the moon in 2018

Two private citizens are paying SpaceX to fly them around the moon. Also, engineers held a contest in who could duct tape their coworker to the wall the longest.

What Did We Miss? Pet squirrel foils burglary

A pet guard squirrel attacked a burglar who broke into his home. PLUS Hundreds of Chileans went to war with by throwing rotten tomatoes at each other.

What Did We Miss? United Airlines pilot makes passengers uncomfortable with bizarre rant

Passengers for United Airlines asked to be let off when their pilot came on board in civilian clothes and began ranting about the Presidential election.

What Did We Miss? Maple Syrup spill closes Vermont highway

A syrup spill on a Vermont highway left drivers stuck in traffic. Also! A French presidential candidate hold a campaign rally via hologram.

What Did We Miss? Scientists discover ancient wolf-size otter

New fossil remains reveal that prehistoric otters were much larger than they are today. ALSO, thousands of bee hives are being stolen all over the United States.

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