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University spends taxpayer money on a Bigfoot conference and other weird stories in What...

This week we look at a Bigfoot conference, exploding salad dressing and toilet paper street repairs.

California town overrun with wild turkeys and other strange stories in What Did We...

The Turkeypocalyspe is only one of the many weird things to happen this week.

Grown man plays in a youth football game and more silly news in ‘What...

A Rhode Island youth football team is suspended after the coach puts in a grown man. Wills Maxwell covers this and other weird news in What Did We Miss?

Man steals $160,000 worth of cheese and more odd stories in What Did We...

This week's "What Did We Miss?" features weird stories including a massive cheese heist and a woman who gave birth in a Walmart.

Maine couple wins Wife-Carrying Championship and other weird stories in ‘What Did We Miss?’

WWAY can't cover every story so Wills Maxwell pitches in with the weird ones. For instance, a wife-carrying contest, a college football blowout, and a giant radio flyer wagon.

Pet robots, giant octopus attacks and more weird stories in What Did We Miss?

Wills gives a comedic take on stories we missed including a 102-year-old's run in with the cops, pet robots and a fake clown attack.

What Did We Miss? A fun look at the sillier news of the week

All the crazy news stories can't make it in the newscast, but our resident funnyman has you covered!

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