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Buttigieg turns to Rev. Barber to discuss racism, poverty

As he labors to win over black voters whose support is vital to his Democratic presidential bid, Pete Buttigieg found a receptive host on Sunday in a civil rights activist.
Rev. William Barber

Civil rights leader convicted of trespassing at legislature

The civil rights leader who started the "Moral Monday" protest movement in North Carolina has been found guilty of trespassing during a 2017 protest at the General Assembly.
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Lawyer: Time’s already up for special 2017 election in NC

North Carolina's Republican legislative leaders have told the U.S. Supreme Court there's not enough time to hold a special election this fall with new General Assembly districts and that it could be an "enormously misguided" remedy if judges were to order one.
Rev. William Barber

North Carolina NAACP leader William Barber to step down

The NAACP leader who launched the "Moral Monday" movement in North Carolina isn't seeking another term as state chapter president, saying he'll concentrate instead on a poor people's campaign like one the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was building before his assassination.

NAACP announces plans for North Carolina economic boycott

The NAACP is announcing plans for an economic boycott of North Carolina to protest laws enacted by the state's conservative General Assembly, including one limiting LGBT protections.

NAACP to call for boycott of NC after failure to repeal HB2

The North Carolina branch of the NAACP said Thursday it will request a national NAACP economic boycott of the state following the General Assembly's failure Wednesday to repeal HB2.

NAACP: Gov. McCrory must end games with NC election outcome

North Carolina's NAACP says Gov. Pat McCrory and his Republican allies are playing games with the election results.

NAACP: Stop striking voters from rolls in North Carolina

The NAACP is asking a federal court to stop several county boards of election in North Carolina from removing people from the voter rolls through challenges filed by individuals.

Rev. Barber to receive $100K prize for creative citizenship

The president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP will receive an annual $100,000 prize for creative citizenship.

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