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Wilmington Fire Department requests funding for bullet proof vests

The Wilmington Fire Department is trying to add another layer of protection for its firefighters. The department is asking Wilmington City Council for money to buy bullet proof vests.

Apartments evacuated due to underground LP gas tank leak

Some apartment buildings at Glenmeade Village were evacuated on Thursday afternoon after an underground LP gas tank started leaking.

Wilmington Police and Fire are asking you to ‘bump it!’

In an effort to reduce the spread of germs, WPD and WFD have launched a campaign encouraging citizens to bump fists instead of shaking hands.

New security footage released, Wilmington Police investigating fire

New video has investigators looking more closely at a fire Friday night that destroyed a home on S. 5th Street.

WPD wins 8th Annual Guns n’ Hoses Hockey Game

Wilmington police and firefighters battled it out in the 8th Annual Guns n' Hoses Hockey Game.

Wilmington fire crews responding to fire on vessel

The Wilmington Fire Department is responding to a fire on a vessel in Wilmington.

Resident burned in Wilmington house fire Friday afternoon

Firefighters responded to a blaze at a home in Wilmington Friday afternoon.

Local first responders assist in search for missing NC man

A few local first responders recently assisted in a missing person search near the North Carolina and Virigina border.

House fire in Wilmington puts resident and family dog in danger

A resident with smoke-inhalation and a family dog were rescued from a house fire in Wilmington this morning.

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