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Friday, September 18, 2020
Tags Wilmington Housing Authority

Tag: Wilmington Housing Authority

First public housing complex to open in Wilmington since 2004

Affordable housing has been a growing issue for the City of Wilmington for years. On Monday, the city welcomed its newest addition to the public housing community.

More affordable housing under construction in Wilmington

Wilmington city leaders broke ground on the Dawson Lofts this morning.

Wilmington Housing Authority proposes new public housing complex

The Wilmington Housing Authority says more public housing could be going up, specifically on Dawson Street.

Resident says Florence damage is severely affecting her health

Residents are still battling with damage from Hurricane Florence. One Creekwood resident says the damage is so bad, her health gets worse every day.

Wilmington resident reacts to public housing smoking ban

Smoking in public housing facilities, soon to be banned nationwide. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's ban will go in effect July 31.

Wilmington community receives Little Free Library

Take a book leave a book, it's as easy as that when you have a Little Free Library in your neighborhood.

Wilmington City Council authorizes multiple plans and new city budget

Many topics were touched on such as rail realignment, rezoning areas for new businesses and shops and new addition of new police officers.

Born Learning Trail brings education and fun to Creekwood Community

The Carolina Panthers and United Way of the Cape Fear Area partnered up to create the “Born Learning Trail” in the Creekwood Community.

Rankin Terrace Community re-opens

The Rankin Place Terrace community got a little bit of a makeover after 6.7 million dollars of renovations went into rebuilding the area.

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EPA: Pine Sol now approved to kill coronavirus on surfaces

Clorox wipes are still in short supply due to increased demand as Americans continue to clean off frequently used surfaces to combat the spread of coronavirus, but another household cleaner has been added to the list of effective products.

Woman denies police account after being shot at by officers

A woman in Maryland is disputing an account by police that she crashed her Honda into a police vehicle and veered toward a detective.