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HAPPENING MONDAY: County Commissioners vote on hospital sale

Happening Monday, New Hanover County Commissioners will decide the fate of New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

Hurricane Dorian shuts down flights at ILM starting tonight

Commercial flights at Wilmington International Airport will be grounded starting Wednesday night as Hurricane Dorian is set to bring strong winds and flooding rain to the area soon.

American Airlines caps fares and waives baggage fees at ILM ahead of Dorian

According to a news release, American Airlines is capping fares and waiving fees for bags and in-cabin pets in areas expected to be impacted by Hurricane Dorian. This includes Wilmington International Airport and Myrtle Beach International Airport.

NEW DETAILS: ILM Director discusses security changes

Security at Wilmington International Airport will soon be taken over by the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office. Now, we're learning more about what exactly that entails.

ILM seeks input on amenities, services, concessions

What options would you like to have when you travel through Wilmington International Airport? ILM is seeking input from you, the traveler.

ILM travelers can now see available parking online

Travelers will now be able to easily view available parking spaces at Wilmington International Airport. The airport is launching a new parking information system that will be reported in real-time and will be displayed on the airport's website.

TRAVEL ALERT: ILM asks passengers to arrive early after X-ray machine goes down

Wilmington International Airport has issued a travel alert because of a problem with an X-ray machine, Airport Operation Director Gary Broughton said.

Machine down at TSA checkpoint causes morning delays at ILM

Travelers at Wilmington International Airport experienced extremely long waits with the TSA Friday morning.

TSA reminds travelers what not to pack when flying

It's that time of year when the TSA lines start filling up with summer travelers. Sometimes we need a reminder about what we can and cannot bring with us on the plane.

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