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Monday, September 21, 2020
Tags Wilmington Police Department

Tag: Wilmington Police Department

WPD bust man with over 100 heroin bags

Wilmington Police continue their offensive against the heroin trade. They are trying to stem the tide of overdose deaths -- four in two months.

Officer won’t be charged in shooting

A Wilmington Police officer who shot a man during an illegal video poker gambling raid last week will not face charges.

SBI investigating WPD officer shooting

A Wilmington police officer who shot a man last night is under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation.

WPD adds civilian traffic investigators

The Wilmington Police Department added two new members to its team. They may ride around in cars with flashing lights and sirens, but they don't have the same authority as other officers.

Police: Man breaks into pool hall, hangs out and drinks

Wilmington police say a man broke into a pool hall and spent a few hours shooting pool and drinking alcohol before the owner of the business arrived to open it.

WPD looking to add substation

Wilmington Police are hoping to step up their presence in the community by adding a substation in southeast Wilmington.

Banks evacuated after bomb threats

Customers and employees at five Bank of America locations in the Wilmington area had to be evacuated today because of bomb threats.

WPD performs Operation: Santa Cop

Santa Claus usually dons his signature red suit, but today men and women in blue filled in for the big guy.

Police investigating several downtown break-ins

videoPolice are investigating a string of break-ins in downtown Wilmington that happened in broad daylight. Detectives say the same person is likely responsible for all of them.

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