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‘Swamp Thing’ could spend $85 million in Wilmington area

Two television projects and a new independent film could spend upward of $100 million in the Port City this year -- and there’s a chance that figure could swell.

Film commission director says entire state benefits from thriving film industry

The film industry has been a mainstay in the Wilmington economy since the early 1980s churning out a number of feature films, TV series, independent productions and more.

Unused funds returned to NC Film Grant program

Four million dollars is back in the pot for the NC Film Grant.

Film leaders working to increase grant program, not incentives

videoThe Wilmington Regional Film Commission and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce held a news conference Thursday morning to discuss the film industry in Wilmington.

Film industry announcement expected Thursday

City and film industry leaders are gathering at Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington Thursday.

Film industry donates thousands to local schools

videoMore than an estimated $40,000 has been donated to New Hanover County Schools since March from film productions that used the schools as locations.

Rally for film industry slated for May 4

videoAs the General Assembly heads back to session next month, supporters of North Carolina's film industry hope to make a statement with a rally supporting the state's tax incentives for TV and movie projects.

‘Iron Man 3’ Oscar nod good for Hollywood East

video The film industry plays a vital role here in Hollywood East, and there is overwhelming support for "Iron Man 3." The film was shot in our area and was nominated today for one Oscar, but all the nominations are causing a buzz in the movie world.

Study reveals potential $10 million loss without film incentive

videoNew Hanover County could see an estimated loss of more than $10 million in tax revenue if the state's film incentive expires at the end of 2014, according to initial findings of a study released Monday.

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