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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Tags Wilmington Regional Film Commission

Tag: Wilmington Regional Film Commission

Wilmington film industry booming, but lacking in extras

The film industry is breaking records in 2021, both in North Carolina as a whole and in Wilmington specifically. However, the industry is currently struggling in one area.

“No Vax, No Work”: Film industry beginning to tighten COVID vaccine rules on set

As COVID numbers continue to rise around the country, many in the film industry are also tightening their COVID rules on set. 

Wilmington film industry sees strong 2020 despite pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a good year for the film industry in North Carolina and in Wilmington specifically.

Behind the scenes look of Wilmington house featured in Hallmark movie

Although it's only September, Christmas is already happening in one part of the Cape Fear. It's part of the Hallmark movie USS Christmas filming in Wilmington.

‘Swamp Thing’ could spend $85 million in Wilmington area

Two television projects and a new independent film could spend upward of $100 million in the Port City this year -- and there’s a chance that figure could swell.

Film commission director says entire state benefits from thriving film industry

The film industry has been a mainstay in the Wilmington economy since the early 1980s churning out a number of feature films, TV series, independent productions and more.

Unused funds returned to NC Film Grant program

Four million dollars is back in the pot for the NC Film Grant.

Film leaders working to increase grant program, not incentives

videoThe Wilmington Regional Film Commission and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce held a news conference Thursday morning to discuss the film industry in Wilmington.

Film industry announcement expected Thursday

City and film industry leaders are gathering at Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington Thursday.

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‘It breaks my heart.’: Mother grieving after son’s grave desecrated

Thefts involving valuable metals are on the rise. Now, some thieves are taking things a step further, stealing bronze flower vases from gravesites and selling them for scrap metal. It's something one grieving mother is trying to keep from happening to anyone else.

‘Peer Fishin’ Festival’ returns to Ocean Crest Pier, raising the spirits of disabled veterans

After being cancelled for the past two years due to a hurricane and the pandemic, the Operation North State annual 'Peer Fishin' Festival' is back at the Ocean Crest Pier in Oak Island. 

New findings by North Carolina State University raise more concerns around PFAS’s in the Cape Fear

Four years ago, one of those chemicals (GenX) was found in our drinking water in the Cape Fear River. A recent study has given rise to more concern surrounding the 'forever chemicals'. 

Colorado school district investigating claims that teachers taped masks to students’ faces

School officials are investigating allegations that some students were made to tape their masks to their faces.