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Wind project restrictions time-limited in NC Senate bill

Legislation that would have blocked for good new wind turbine projects across much of eastern North Carolina in the name of preserving military installations has been narrowed to a three-year pause.

Feds reduce area in Atlantic Ocean for wind farm plans off NC coast

videoThe US Department of Interior has reduced the areas of the Atlantic Ocean where turbines can be built, dealing a potential blow to North Carolina's hopes for wind farms off the coast.

Study: Offshore wind farms could tame deadly hurricanes

videoWhen you think of offshore wind turbines and hurricanes, you might think flying blades of death hurtling toward the shore. But a new study shows offshore wind farms could actually tame beastly storms, making them less deadly and less expensive.

Brunswick County residents gather to learn about proposed wind turbines

video Residents living in Brunswick County were able to get a good look at what offshore wind turbines might look like off of our coast. Monday evening the Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management hosted a public meeting to display their results of a visualization study.

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