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NCDOT crews inspect equipment and prepare for upcoming winter

With the weather getting cooler across the state, North Carolina Department of Transportation crews are checking supplies and inspecting equipment to get ready for potential winter storms.

A snowy start for some in southeastern North Carolina!

Parts of the Cape Fear Region are seeing snow this morning. 

Winter weather to impact western portions of North Carolina

North Carolina is the target again for more winter weather as forecasters call for a variety of precipitation from the mountains eastward.

The impact of the frigid cold, snowstorm, by the numbers

A look at how this week's snowstorm and bitter cold have affected the United States, by the numbers.

Parts of Midwest colder than Antarctica during deep freeze

The deadly deep freeze enveloping the Midwest sent temperatures plunging Wednesday to rival some of the most frigid spots in the world.

Atlanta braced for wintry weather, gets spritzed by rain

Atlanta got a mere spritzing of rain Tuesday, hours after a winter weather forecast prompted authorities to close government offices, shutter schools and cancel flights in anticipation of icy streets.

DOT adding brine to some NC roads ahead of possible snow

The Department of Transportation prepared roads early ahead of possible winter weather this week.

Governor Cooper issues State of Emergency following winter storm

A wintry mix of precipitation ranging from a few inches of snow or rain to .25 of freezing rain has fallen across western and central portions of North Carolina this weekend.

Swath of South faces wintry mess: Snow, sleet, freezing rain

North Carolina turned into a winter wonderland over the weekend. After the wonder, however, has come a world of pain on the roads.

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