WOW!!! Our phone has been ringing off the hook since our episode aired this morning. We can not answer the phone fast enough and that is the reason for this message. #1 to let you know the succes we are having and #2 ask if I can get a schedule from you of when our show is going to air so we can get at least one of the ladies in the back to come up front and help us answer the phones. THANKS KITTY. The Hometown Show rocks!!!!

— Kim
(Kim McMannis, Office Mgr., Kuzma Comprehensive Dentistry)

"We wanted to tell you how well the Real Estate Edition of Your Hometown Show has worked for our newly started realty team. We weren’t sure at first when the opportunity presented itself but now we find ourselves recognized everywhere, and it’s proven very effective for us. Kitty is great fun, enthusiastic, and knows how to make everyone feel at ease. It’s working out so well there’s no doubt we’ll keep it up."

— Bruce Brown, Cape Fear Home Team Coldwell Bankers, Seacoast Realty

“I had no idea the tremendous success my store would achieve by advertising on Your Hometown Show. I was optimistic due to the format of the show, having 8 minutes to showcase my stores products and show folks the pride we take in making our wonderful cookies and cookie cakes, but I never imagined it would be as lucrative of an investment as it has become. I have tried 30 second spots on network T.V., cable, and even radio spots – none have come close to providing the results we received with “Your Hometown Show!” I always knew when our spot was running. Not because I kept up with the schedule as regularly as I should have, but because our phone would be literally ringing off the hook with orders when we were on. In my opinion, “Your Hometown Show” is far and away the best bang for your buck when advertising in Wilmington – hands down!!!”

— Danny Bernstein, Mgr. Great American Cookies

“We have been very happy with response to our segments on WWAY’s “Your HomeTown Show”. New customers come in and make it a point to mention they saw the show and that’s why they came in. You can’t beat that! Advertising that works with direct feedback. Not to mention it was great fun to work with Kitty!”

— Arnie Cullipher, Blue Hand Home

“The most amazing thing we have ever seen. Wilmington Health Associates had over 68 calls for people to make appointments with Dr. Drake immediately following the Your HomeTown Show segment. There is no question that Your HomeTown Show is one of the best places for us at Wilmington Health Associates.”

— Kathy Gresham, WHA

“After trying many different avenues of advertising, I feel like “Your HomeTown Show” has been one of my best investments and one with the quickest return. I would highly recommend “Your HomeTown Show” to anyone.

Clarice Holden, Island Breeze