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Your Hometown Show, hosted by Christina Dees, is a four and a half minute business segment featuring businesses from our region and the products and services they offer. The business owner, President, CEO or designated employee will discuss and demonstrate the details about the business, its processes, its staff, products and services, and how they make an impact in our community.

Your Hometown Show is the perfect integrated and targeted advertising solution to connect directly to loyal and potential customers.

Your Host

Christina Dees
Christina Dees

Christina Dees is a seasoned business and non profit consultant. She is a formal Federal Fiduciary for the Department of Veterans Affairs and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. She is also fluent in Spanish and has spent many years travelling throughout Latin-America working as a Country Liaison, Interpreter and Program Manager for a non-profit in Raleigh. With such a diverse business background, Christina understands what it means to run a business and the impact local businesses have on their surrounding communities and economy.

Christina’s philanthropy extends with volunteer service as a board of directors for Island Montessori School, and a family host for the UNCW International studies program.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I find Your Hometown Show?

Your Hometown Show airs weekly on WWAY CBS Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00a.m.

Why should I advertise on Your Hometown Show?

On Your Hometown Show we take pride in bringing business right into people’s living rooms and giving them insight into the best products and services that our area has to offer. Over 70 area businesses have successfully advertised on Your Hometown Show.

How long is each segment of Your Hometown Show?

Your Hometown Show segments are either 2:00 minutes or 4:30 minutes to discuss your business and feature your product, services or event.

Who do I contact?

Contact the WWAY Sales Team at 910-726-1454 x215 to start showcasing your business today!

I am interested in featuring my product or business on Your Hometown Show, but there is no way you'll catch me on TV, I hate cameras. Is there anything you can do to help?

Yes, in some situations, the host can produce 4-minute segments in studio using the information and/or product provided by you. Call for details.


After trying many different avenues of advertising, I feel like “Your Hometown Show” has been one of my best investments and one with the quickest return. I would highly recommend “Your Hometown Show” to anyone.

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