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Brunswick County debating how, when to replace Sheriff Hewett


BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Since Ronald Hewett's suspension as the Brunswick County sheriff there has been a lot of debate and even confusion as to when and how to replace him. While county commissioners and the Brunswick County Democratic party try to work out the details is public safety being compromised without a permanent sheriff? Since it's uncommon for a sheriff to be suspended the state laws addressing what to do about a replacement are vague and don't give the decision makers much guidance.

more on the hewett story here...

Just two days ago, Brunswick County attorney Huey Marshall asked the commissioners to request that the Democratic party nominate a replacement sheriff within 30 days. Now he's changed his mind. He feels that the state law's definition of vacancy is too vague and that maybe there isn't an opening for the sheriff's position. He's afraid if the petition to remove Hewett is not passed -- and a new sheriff has been named -- the county could end up with two sheriffs. Marshall said, "Given the vague definition of vacancy there has been no succession of responsibility. The sheriff's office is functioning and our coroner is full capable of seeing that those duties are performed." State law says the coroner will take on the duties of sheriff until the position is filled. And Marshall says so far the duties have been fulfilled and residents shouldn't be concerned. Marshall says on Monday he will ask the commissioners to ignore his request to find a new sheriff quickly, and instead hold off on finding a replacement sheriff for now. There have not been any cases like this in recent history and the law regulating the succession was written in 1919. Everyone is researching and trying to figure things out as they go.

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Why was the bond a joke? By

Why was the bond a joke? By the way, were you on a computer at the complex when you posted your comment?

Sheriff Hewett is gone

The hearing is just a formality, surely the Judge will give Hewett the boot. So it is in the best interest of the citizens to have a new sheriff. A coroner is an undertaker not a qualitfied law enforcement officer capible of making life and death decisions. If you think about it his position as undertaker is a conflict of interest. get a new sheriff as soon as possible. Pick one of the guys that came forward. They seem to be brave enough to handle the job!

If a coroner does not know

If a coroner does not know about life or death I don't know who does. All it is, is the fact that the coroner is a good o'le boy! Oh, and those brave fellows you were talking about being Sheriff haven't even picked up a pencil this week. (wonder how much overtime they are being forced to write on their time sheets!)

Sheriff Hewett

I watched your story about Sheriff Hewett on the 6:00 news, and was shocked that a so called professional news organization would question if the safety of the citizens of Brunswick County would be compomised because the sheriff had been suspended. When did the loss of one person affect the law enforcement efforts of a large force. Have you ever heard of the Chain of Command? Well you should find out what it is about, and then maybe you won't be so quick to come out with such outrageous statements like you did. We will watch the news without all of the scare tactics that you use to get us to watch. Thank you


I used to live in Wilmington but have lived several places since. I also had alot of friends etc out in Brunswick county and yes i used to smoke weed and other things but one thing i can tell you is that people that sold, used, delivered drugs in Brunswick county were scared to death of hewett. You people from a small town surely need to get out and see other places. I have personally known police from several large cities etc.. and the exact same thing he does and it is looked upon as procedure basically. I dont care who you put in office you wont keep the drugs out of brunswick county. Because of the ports and the fact it sits outside of a larger town with a high demand market like Wilmington there will always be drugs there. Also because of all of the closings of the projects in Wilmington there was a HUGE influx of drugs dealers etc that moved out to Brunswick county. I dont know Ron Hewett and have no idea what type of person he is, but from everything i have read he is being charged with, i see nothing wrong with it as it happens all over the US in much larger cities and IT IS KNOWN AND OUT IN THE OPEN and there is nothing conidered wrong with it.

reply on hewett

Having worked in a service industry that once catered to Hewett and his family...all I can say is THANK GOODNESS he is out of office. Not only did he treat everyone on our staff with disdain, but so did his family. I have also been threatened by an officer from his county for NOT allowing the drunken officer in to an area he did not belong off duty. THOSE are the types of officers the courts are dealing with. My dealings with them were small compared to what is going on now, but it shows a pattern and that IS a symptom of a greater disease. YES, I hold COPS, LAWYERS, Judges, and ALL Elected Officials to a HIGHER standard. Want to run the law, then live by it or get out. I am not in law partly because I don't know that I could live up to those standards. Plain and simple...can't live by the rules you enforce then you are as bad as a Priest who says "don't sin" while he diddles boys behind the alter.