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Creating Value for People and Building Healthy Communities

Beyond our daily economic, legal and ethical responsibilities, WWAY is dedicated to its philanthropic support in the Cape Fear Region. WWAY is committed to its corporate community citizenship through smart corporate philanthropy partnerships that are beneficial to our society, our stakeholders and the corporation. This means WWAY is here to help tackle some of the problems that our communities are struggling with.

By leveraging our journalism expertise in our newsroom, and superior communication and marketing resources, WWAY is able to partner with our community and local nonprofit organizations throughout the Cape Fear Region to inspire, engage, activate, and communicate important issues and topics that educate and bring awareness, and raise necessary funds to support resources and programming that offer quality of life, health and well-being to the people in our communities.

We are honored to partner and leverage our resources to deliver critical messages and stories of our community to almost 200,000 households (SMA TV Household, Rentrack 2015) that watch our news programs every day, and millions who visit our online news and information platforms daily.


AREAS OF FOCUS include: Health, Education, Arts and Culture, Economic Empowerment, Critical Human Needs, Governance and Ethics, and key community stakeholders.

Current and Past Community Partners



Peruse and get to know us better: The WWAY Website offers news, weather, sports, community, features, videos, as well as TV Channel Guide, contest, circular (sales and coupon ads), our mobile apps, and our Cape Fear CW, ABC and Chart Local affiliate broadcast information at your fingertips.


WWAY offers affordable and value added community and nonprofit advertising rates for on air, online, mobile, as well as marketing and production resources. Depending on the scope of your promotional project, WWAY offers consultative services to identify positive and affordable solutions to support mission driven advertising and/or production projects that benefit the community in which we serve. To initiate a nonprofit advertising proposal reach out to our WWAY Advertising Team.

Event, Contest and Promotion sponsorship opportunities are available year round to promote your business brand and drive awareness to your business. Click “Contest” to learn more about sponsorship promotions.

Submit an inquiry about a production only project to WWAY Production.


Getting the word out to the masses is what WWAY does best. Our on-air, online and on-the-go solutions are broadcast daily to hundreds of thousands of households, and viewed by millions on mobile devices every day.

GET TO KNOW our WWAY News Anchors, Reporters, Weather Meteorologists, Sports Reporters, and Producers.

Let WWAY help tell your story and share your organizations important information to loyal news audience. Send us your community organization or nonprofit press releases, news stories, and story ideas to our newsroom. Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from sending your information to us.

Here is an easy tool on “How to write a news release” that will assist you in organizing, documenting and sending us your important topic. Once you have a final version of your news release, send it to our newsroom: newsroom@wwaytv3.com.

We also offer studio tours to school children, and interested community organizations.

Don’t forget to add your fundraisers, education and awareness events to our community calendar!


Sometimes you just need to ask a few questions and get simple answers before you submit information or a request for support. We welcome the opportunity to share ideas and offer solutions to your questions. Contact us today, we look forward to helping you find the solutions and answers.

Thank you for your patronage to WWAY and your continued efforts to make the Cape Fear Region a thriving and better place to live for all.

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