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The following station representatives can assist any person who has disabilities with issues related to the content of the public files.  Business hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Kimberly Franklin
Business Manager
Phone: 910-202-5800
Email: kimf@wwaytv3.com

Kevin Helton
Chief Engineer
Phone: 910-202-5783
Email: khelton@wwaytv3.com


View WWAY’s online public inspection file.

As a licensee in the public interest of the FCC, WWAY is committed to airing programming that serves the educational and informational needs of children in our area.

The EEO Public File Report complies with Section 73.2080(c)(6) of the FCC’s 2002 EEO Rule. This report has been prepared and placed in the WWAY-TV3 public inspection file and is posted here.

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